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  • Are your teas sugar free?
    Most of our teas have little to no sugar, carbs, or calories. Some of our teas do contain fruit or carmel/candy ingredents that may contribute to suger in the cup.
  • Are your teas gluten-free?
    Although most of our teas do not contain gluten, they are not produced in dedicated gluten-free facilities. Please check the ingredient and allergen list carefully.
  • How to brew iced tea?
    Method 1: Using an Iced Tea Pitcher Cold Brew Method Add 7-10 tsp loose leaf tea to the 50oz pitcher Gently pour 2 cups hot water first, then 4 cups cold water Place pitcher in fridge. Steep 2 -6 hours. Pour to serve! Method 2: Using traditional tea ware Cold Brew Method The only difference for brewing iced tea is that you double the amount of loose leaf tea you use per cup of water. For example, Instead of using 1 tsp per cup, use 2 tsp. This is because once you’re done steeping the tea, you are going to add ice. Adding ice dilutes it.
  • How long does tea last?
    The good news is that tea generally stays fresh for quite some time - around three to four months when stored in a bag and up to a year when stored in a tin or other airtight container. This will vary depending on the ingredients present in the tea. To keep your teas fresh, always store them in a cool, dry, dark place and keep them well sealed.
  • Why choose loose leaf tea?
    1. Loose leaf tea is of higher quality Most bagged teas available from the supermarket are mass produced and made using dust ad fannings – (the tiny bits of tea left over from the production of loose leaf tea.) 2. Loose leaf tea is fresher Mass-produced tea bags are generally filled with tea leaves from different locations, and has usually travelled great distances before it reached supermarket shelves, making it less fresh. 3. Loose leaf tea tastes better Mass-produced bagged tea has been blended for standardization and as such, you won’t experience the difference in taste and aroma between types of leaves and locations. For a more refined tea experience, or if you’re looking for something that just tastes better, fresher and more wholesome, brew loose leaf tea. 4. Loose leaf tea is more diverse There is more to tea than black tea or green tea. Types of tea such as oolong, white tea, yellow tea, and fermented tea are diverse, and each is a reflection of its cultivars, climate, geography and production. 5. Loose leaf tea is better for the environment Most tea bags are not compostable, and of those that are, very few people make the effort to compost them. Loose leaf tea reduce the amount of packaging you’re using and can be directly thrown onto the compost heap. 6. Loose leaf tea is good for your health Tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can contribute to your overall wellness. The primary chemicals responsible for the health claims of green tea, called catechins, are found in the highest concentrations in fresh leaves.
  • How much caffeine is there in a cup tea?
    There are many factors that can change the amount of caffeine in the cup, but the chart below can give you general idea of how much caffeine is present in each up. Beverage & Caffeine Per 8 oz Cup White Tea: 30-55 mg Green Tea: 35-70 mg Oolong Tea: 50-75 mg Black Tea: 60-90 mg Coffee: 150-200 mg
  • How much is shipping?
    Shipping is free if your order includes at least $25.00 worth of product. That's only a little over 4oz of tea, and honestly who can choose only one...or three? For everything else there is only a small shipping rate based on actual product total weight.
  • Do you offer returns?
    If you don't love your tea try another! Most products qualify for free exchange or replacement for 15 days from the date your order ships. The product must be in its original condition, and in its original packaging. If we do not receive your return in its original condition, we will be unable to offer you an exchange. This policy applies to domestic orders only. Please email for more details.
  • Do you offer any sales promations?
    Yes, please sign up for our newsletter here in order to receive all our latest promotions.
  • How do I reach customer service?
    Please visit the "Contact Us" section of the website or e-mail us at Info@WhiteLotusTeaCompany
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, as well as PayPal.
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