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Silicone Animal Tea Infusers

Silicone Animal Tea Infusers


These cute little things are your little tea friends to make your favorite loose-leaf tea. We have a hippo, sloth, otter, shark, dyno in an egg, bunny, and a pipe. The color of these cute little critters will be random, but they are cute! They are also dishwasher safe. Enjoy your tea time!


Easy to use plunger style tea infuser. Simply put your loose tea leaves in the strainer, steep in a mug of hot water as long as you like, and remove it from the cup.


Brew perfect loose leaf tea every time. Compatible with all types and flavors of loose leaf tea. Black, green, white, pu-erh, herbal, and more.


Better for the environment and no more messy teabags to throw away.


Get the most out of your tea drinking experience using whole loose leaf tea vs. bagged (scraps) tea. Develop full flavor and proper infusion for the best possible taste.