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Gotta Go Fast Gamer Tea

Gotta Go Fast Gamer Tea


You’ve lost all your rings and the obstacles ahead look too steep to surmount. Find the energy you need in the sweet scents of Cinnamon, Anise and Ginger while the natural Caffeine in this Chai tea boosts you through it all.


This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5 minutes.




Ingredients & Lore:


Blended With: Pu-Erh Tea, Cinnamon, Natural Spice Flavor, Orange, Ginger, Aniseed & Safflower


From the birthplace of Pu Erh, southern Yunnan, comes a Pu Erh that shares the signature smoothness and an aromatic edge of softness found in its cousins, Yunnan greens and blacks. Savor its full-mouth sensation developed by dedicated aging into a darker, richer undertone of exceptional flavor. Our addition of spices titillates the senses of fragrance and taste: cinnamon, orange, ginger, aniseed, and natural spice. Your family and friends will love to drink Pu Erh Spice after Thanksgiving, or any Sunday supper you host throughout the year. But, save some for solo pleasure. You will never be disappointed.




All our tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The styles of tea are produced by altering the shape and chemistry of the leaf, rather unromantically called 'processing' or 'manufacturing.' To ensure the best quality and value, we import our teas directly from the countries in which they are grown, working closely with the farmers who tender them.


For our flavor teas we use high grown teas from the top 3 tea growing regions of Sri Lanka - Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula and Uva. These three high-grown districts produce flavorful teas that have classic 'Ceylon' tea character which is noted by floral bouquet and flavor notes, touches of mild astringency, bright coppery color and, most importantly - perfect for use as the base tea of our flavored teas. (We have tested teas from various other origins around the world as base stock for our flavored teas, but none of these teas made the grade.) Dimbula and the western estates of Nuwara Eliya have a major quality peak during Jan/Feb, whereas Uva and the eastern estates of Nuwara Eliya have their peak in July/Aug. This 'dual peak period' allow us to buy the best for our flavored tea blends several times during the year, ensuring top quality and freshness.


We specifically use only natural flavors. High quality tea tastes good and natural flavors do not mask the natural taste of the high grown tea. (The norm for many making flavored tea is to use overpowering artificial flavors, which can be used to hide lower quality tea). Natural flavors do not leave an aftertaste giving the tea a clean and true character. It should be noted that natural flavors tend to be somewhat 'soft ' and the flavors slightly muted, but for many this is a refreshing change and one of the desired attributes of our naturally flavored teas.

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